University Affiliation

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As a University 'Affiliate' member of BYSA you are affiliated to a Home Office Approved (HOA) Club.

We have two levels of Affiliation: Silver and Gold.


As a Silver University affiliate of BYSA, you can:

  • Block book places BYSA events
  • Enter teams into BYSA competitions
  • Loan BYSA rifles for free, to use at your own events
  • Loan BYSA shooting equipment for free, to use at your own events
  • Request BYSA Instructors, Coaches and Volunteers to assist at your events
  • Access exclusive discounts on shooting equipment from our sponsors and partners
  • Have direct access to our scores database
  • Have direct access to our instructional and coaching materials
  • Access our huge database of marketing materials to help grow your club

 As an affiliate member of BYSA, the BYSA will:

  • Speak on your behalf to the relevant NGB; NRA, NSRA, CPSA etc, on any issue you request us to
  • Provide legal advice if requested
  • Provide technical advice on shooting matters
  • Pursue sponsorship opportunities for your club


Gold University Affiliates receive all the benefits at the Silver affiliation, with the addition of access to a dedicated 6/7 gun rifle locker in the main armoury for your club and the storage of your own firearms.

*Note: Please contact us to confirm availability of rifle lockers. Please email to check availability