Club Affiliation

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One of the primary aims of the BYSA is to help young shooters continue to participate in whatever shooting discipline they are interested in, to  and when to help them find a local club where they can continue to shoot.

As a Club 'affiliate' you support the primary aim of the BYSA, to increase participation in shooting among young people. 

As a BYSA club affiliate you can:

  • Hire a locker in the BYSA armoury*
  • Have access to the BYSA Clubhouse at Bisley
  • Book accommodation at the BYSA Clubhouse at Bisley
  • Advertise your club and facilities on the BYSA Club Finder (COMING SOON)
  • Make use of our contacts with youth organisations within your area.

*Note: Please contact us to confirm availability of rifle lockers. Please email to check availability

As a BYSA club affiliate, the BYSA will:

  • Encourage BYSA members from your area to join your club
  • Actively advertise your club to young shooters from your area
  • Put you in contact with other local youth organisations with an interest in shooting, upon request.