2023 Easter Bunny Blowout - Target Rifle

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TR Beginner:

If you fit into at least 2 of these categories, please choose beginner:

  • I have been shooting less than 1 year
  • I have less than 6 months experience of shooting smallbore in a shooting jacket
  • I have shot Fullbore TR on less than 2 full weekends
  • I do not own my own TR jacket or have a dedicated shooting jacket at my home club

Designed for novices who have not shot the discipline before or have only completed 1/2 BYSA weekends. The weekend begins on Saturday with a classroom/practical session familiarising new shooters with the firearm and practices of the discipline. This session is focussed on range safety and safe range practices.

    Saturday afternoon “On the range”:

    • 300 yds in the prone position.
    • Shooting will be “from a block” unless significant smallbore experience can be demonstrated.
    • 2x “2 & 7” shoots
    • After each detail there will be a short debrief to give advice for improvement.
    • Targets will be Electronic.

    Sunday morning “On the range”:

    • 600yds in the prone position.
    • Aim to improve your shooting technique.
    • 2/3x “2 & 7” shoots
    • Targets will be self-marked.


    TR Intermediate:

    If you fit into 1 or fewer of the novice categories and you:

    • Consider yourself somewhat experienced but not able to shoot fully independantly please choose IntTR.
    • Feel you have lots of experience and are full comfortable with independent TR shooting please choose AdvTR.

    Designed for those who have completed several BYSA weekends and as such feel confident with range commands, can demonstrate range safety techniques and know their basic firearm handling. The classroom session is designed to further your “principles of marksmanship” and move on to team shooting and team drills. This weekend all culminates in a try-out for the BYSA 2023 team while continuing to improve your skills.

      Saturday afternoon “On the range”:

      • 300 yds prone.
      • 2x "2 & 10"
      • After each detail there will be a short debrief to give advice for improvement.
      • Targets will be electronic.

      Sunday morning “On the range”:

      • 600yds prone
      • Aim is to improve your shooting and positional technique.
      • 2x "2 & 10"
      • Targets will be self-marked.

      This weekend will focus on team drills for team shooting; however, instructors will be on hand to give advice and suggestions in good technique. There are several opportunities throughout 2021 to gain real match experience with BYSA against other established clubs. If you have your own jacket or you borrow a club jacket at your home club please ensure you bring it along.

      All plans are subject to change at any time and for any reason.