‘Smallbore’ target shooting covers the ‘International Shooting Sport Federation’ (ISSF) disciplines which at the highest level are competed for at the Olympic Games.  This is primarily Air Rifle & .22 Rifle shooting, conducted at distances of 10M to 100M, both indoors and on outdoor ranges.

  • Air Rifle – Prone
  • Air Rifle – 3 Position; Prone, Standing, Kneeling
  • Air Pistol
  • .22 Rifle – 50m Prone
  • .22 Rifle – 3 Position; Prone, Standing, Kneeling
  • .22 Rifle – 100 yds Prone
  • .22 Pistol

Smallbore shooting is the most popular of target shooting sports as it is accessible via many groups including Scouts, universities or cadets, due to its lower costs and many ranges throughout the UK.

Smallbore is the most technically demanding of the disciplines, with the most accurate rifles and ammunition, but the smallest target sizes (relative to the distance shot over). However, it is the discipline most people learn to shoot initially and is an excellent forum in which to learn the basics of shooting, all the way up to international level skills. 

At BYSA, we focus on core safety and techniques for beginners, moving up to more advanced aspects and practices for the more seasoned shooter. Shooting takes place from prone positions at either 25 yards, 50 metres or 100 yards. All techniques learnt with smallbore shooting are easily translatable to other disciplines, although this is especially true of fullbore target rifle shooting, which involves shooting prone again, only at targets between 300 and 1000 yards with a larger calibre rifle. 

For further details see: National Small-Bore Rifle Association - or International Shooting Sport Federation -