Gallery Rifle & Pistol

What to expect from a BYSA weekend

Our weekends cater for experienced shooters and those wanting to make a new start in Gallery Rifle and Pistol. We aim to develop safe and competent shooters ready to enter into the active competition circuit at Bisley and beyond whilst developing the skills of experienced shots.

We conduct dry training in the clubhouses with the Ruger 10/22 semi automatic .22 rifle, which is our primary firearm, as well as the .38 lever action.

Dry training provides a chance to familiarise yourselves with these firearms and to develop and practice proper shooting technique before heading the Melville Ranges.

On Melville we put a diverse range of skills into practice to shoot precision, string shooting, single and double taps on turning targets from a standing unsupported position.

For more advanced shooters we will practice shooting from the weak shoulder and from kneeling and prone positions. These are all skills required for GR&P competitions.

After an afternoons practice on the range we will give our shooters a chance to put their skills to the test in short range competitions such as Timed and Precision 1, Multi Target and 25m rapid (see link for courses of fire).

For more advanced shooters we will be looking into coached sessions shooting 1500.

The GR&P handbook

Gallery Rifle and Pistol is competed for internationally at its own World Championship Matches held throughout the world.

For further details:

Gallery Rifle and Pistol Competitions at the Phoenix Meeting, Bisley 2018