About us

What is the BYSA?

The British Young Shooters' Association is a multi-discipline organisation whose sole purpose is to increase the number of young people participating in the sport of shooting, across all disciplines, whatever their ability level.

BYSA is and always will be a non-profit Association.

Why do young shooters need help?

The Cadet Forces National Attitudes Survey, 2016, found that:

  • There are 175000 Cadets shooting annually. The largest number in any youth organisation.
  • 81% of Cadets said they joined the Cadet Forces to shoot.
  • 79% of Cadets said they wanted to do more shooting

Despite this, less than 1% of Cadets continue shooting once they become too old to be in the Cadet Forces and leave. Why?

The Scout Association has almost 500000 members in the UK, and popularity of the sport of shooting within the Scout Association is increasing year on year. Despite this very few former Scouts also continue shooting into their adult years.

What is the aim of BYSA?

Our aim is to increase participation in the sport of shooting amongst young people, irrespective of discipline or ability, through increasing access to the sport and by providing practical support to young shooters.

What are the benefits of BYSA?

BYSA Members get access to:

  • Free loan of rifles at BYSA events
  • Free loan of shooting equipment at BYSA events
  • Access to top quality instruction and coaching
  • Exclusive discounts on shooting equipment from our sponsors & partners

Individual membership costs just £10 per year.

What do we do?

Currently BYSA run 3 'flagship' multi-discipline shooting events at the National Rifle Association's National Shooting Centre, Bisley, 3 times a year. BYSA also supports a number of single-discipline events throughout the year held at various locations nationwide, as well as a number of social events.

BYSA is continually expanding, providing access to new shooting disciplines and forging long-lasting links with clubs around the country to help you find a local base for your shooting.