Membership Options


As an individual member of BYSA you will have full access to the BYSA website and support network.  First and foremost, Individual BYSA membership means you are a member of a Home Office Approved (HOA) Club which is an essential requirement if you ever want to apply for a Firearms Certificate (FAC) or Shotgun Certificate (SGC), and aren’t already a member of another club.  Being an Individual Member of BYSA also allows you to directly book places on BYSA training weekends, BYSA competitions, it enables you to request to borrow a rifle or shooting equipment, and it gives you access to our extensive ‘how to’ and help section and our support network.


Joining BYSA as a Coach not only means you will have the same full access to the BYSA website and support network as an ‘Individual Member’ of BYSA, but it also means that you can directly contribute to BYSA and the support it provides young shooters across the UK.  As a ‘Coach member’ of BYSA you will have direct access to our ‘Scores Database’ enabling you to submit the scores your shooters achieve directly to our database, providing critical evidence for the future should they wish to try out for one of the National teams.  As a ‘Coach member’ of BYSA you will also have the ability to directly submit instructional videos to our YouTube Channel and guidance documents for inclusion on support section of the site.

Club Affiliation

Clubs may affiliate to BYSA by applying for ‘Club Membership’ of BYSA.  Club Membership of BYSA provides a number of benefits, but the single most important of these is direct access to our network of Young Shooters. 

Club Members of BYSA are recorded in our Club Database as ‘BYSA Affiliated Clubs’ and their location and contact details are added to our Google+ account.  What this means is that when a Young Shooter searches for BYSA by location, the search will bring up a list of their closest BYSA affiliates, linking them directly with your club!


In addition to this BYSA also actively manages the Young Shooters in our membership.  As young shooters move around the Country for university and work, etc., this will inevitably mean a lot of changes of club.  BYSA manages this transition so that when a Young Shooter is moving into a new area, we will actively put them in direct contact with their nearest BYSA affiliated club, and vice versa.  A Club’s strength and resilience is determined by the number of its members and Club Affiliation aims to improve that for the benefit of all.

After completing the Membership Form you will be able to register for Events on the Events page