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Bonfire Bonanza

Our annual Bonfire Bonanza is just round the corner. A weekend packed full of shooting, coaching and training, held on the 3rd and 4th of November. Interested? Read the rest!

We're offering 4 DISCIPLINES, so there is something out there for everyone, including skill levels for beginners to advanced.

FULLBORE TARGET RIFLE: This is one of the most popular disciplines around, shooting accurate bolt action rifles any where from 300m to 600m. Learning how to read the wind, plot your graphs and change your sights, all to make very fine adjustments to get that V bull.

CIVILIAN SERVICE RIFLE: With different courses of fire, along with stances, shooting AR15's on Bisley's Century range is always going to be a very interesting weekend, as well as the great coaching you'll receive along side it.

HISTORIC: Try your hand at shooting one of the most well known firearms in the world. You'll be learning how to handle the Lee Enfield .303 rifle, and putting some rounds down range with it at Bisley. Along with some really fun courses of fire.

SMALLBORE TARGET RIFLE: With a similar feel to fullbore target rifle, due to the slings, sights and canvas jackets, the big difference is the calibre, using bolt action .22s up to 25m. It's very precise and can really help you to fine tune your skills. It's also a popular discipline amongst shooters.

It's a full weekend of shooting, accommodation and food, and the price is unmatched by anyone.

The event is open to absolutely any young person no matter your experience, whether that is a complete novice, or an experienced competitive shot there is something for everyone ... but if you're not sure which option would be best for you then please ask.

Full details are available on our website and the event is open for sign-ups already. https://youngshooter.co.uk/collections/bonfire-bonanza

Remember that you will need to be a member to sign up so if yours has lapsed, or you are a current member BUT you haven't yet returned the new information required by the NRA to our Club Secretary, then please do so asap so you are not disappointed.